Southern Belles

The “northerners” visit the good ol’ South.



A little over a year ago, I took a week long trip to Georgia and South Carolina with my friends who I’ve been friends with for over 8 years. This was my first time I actually took a proper trip to the south. We stayed with one of my friend’s grandparents’ place in Hilton Head, South Carolina.

The 12 hour drive to South Carolina and the 12 hour drive back was less than ideal but we took a mini van and packed it with blankets, pillows, and A TON of snacks. We also had a lot of playlists ready for the drive (but honestly, we ended up listening to One Direction most of the time – yes, we’re 12 year olds trapped in 20 somethings bodies)

The most surprising factor about the south was the beach. My favourite place is by the water, whether that is by the beach or a lake. But the ocean water in the south is very warm. It was surprising. I’m from New Jersey so the ocean water where I’m from is nice and cold and refreshing, it’s great especially on the really hot days in the summer. However, going swimming in the middle of the summer in Hilton Head was… warm.

Most of the week was spent walking around, wandering, going on bike rides, swimming a lot, eating georgia peaches, and overall enjoying a nice girls trip.

I definitely want to go back to the south, not sure exactly where but it’s on my list!

AOTD: cherish your old friends, call one of them up and catch up!

walking around Savannah, Georgia in the summer heat
an old train turned into a restaurant
the sun shining through these huge trees just screams summer to me!
my friend playing on the trolley tracks
palm.trees. so beautiful



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