Don’t Wine About It

“A glass (of wine) a day keeps the doctors away” .

That’s true right?



Taking a break from the travel posts, I wanted to talk about one of my favourite things. wine. Now, saying that doesn’t mean I drink wine every day (even if I did, who’s to judge) but I have tried a lot of wines under $25 from the wine store.

And I wanted to share a couple of my favourites. Wine is such a great way to wind down after a long day or a tiring day or just a day in general ;]

This first one is called Apothic White and it is my favourite white wine. Don’t be fooled by the price because I think this is around 12$. This wine chilled is amazing. It has a hint of sweetness but not actually sweet sweet where it’s almost a riesling. If you are looking for a white wine that is easier to drink and has a unique slightly sweet flavour, I definitely recommend this one! — there is also Apothic Red but I prefer the white over the red.


Next one, Evil. First of all, I am attracted to wines firstly by the cover and design of the label. Evil has such a simple design but because of the red, it stands out. One thing to point out about this wine is that the alcohol percentage is a little higher than the typical red wine. If I remember correctly the percentage for Evil was about 16%-17% where typically red wine is about 13% . Also I have tried going back a month or two later looking for this wine again and my store did not have it. So, these aren’t easy to find which means if you see it you should give it a try!


The last one I have for today is Blüfeld. It was really hard to pick a favourite riesling because I am a big fan of rieslings. But this one definitely stood out. Riesling is basically a semi sweet/sweet white wine. I recommend all and any Riesling should be chilled before serving because it makes the wine 50x better!


As you can see, I didn’t really go into the flavours nor did I use “wine language” because frankly, I’m not a huge wine connoisseur, I’m just someone who enjoys wine and wanted to share three top wines that I’ve found under 25$ at a local wine shop 🙂

AOTD: It’s good to go outside your comfort zone and try a new drink that you’ve always been hesitant about!

Apothic White








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