J’adore Paris

Oui oui, j’adore la France. C’est belle!



I love France. I had the great opportunity to visit the lovely country again in 2015. The first time I went was back when I was in high school and my old french teacher came on the trip which made everything a lot easier, however this time in 2015 I was just with my mom so I had to rely on my own français, which was definitely harder.

I absolutely love all the beauty so I wanted to share some photos I had from my trip. I know you’re expecting lots of pictures of Tour Eiffel but actually, I’m not posting any! Most of these photos are more focused on the details of popular monuments.

And of course, these pictures don’t do France justice.

AOTD: if you get a chance to travel, TAKE IT. It’s always very refreshing to see the world from a different place.

close up of The Arc de Triomphe
the bright blue skies shadowing The Arc de Triomphe
behind a clock in the Musée d’Orsay (Hugo is one of my favourite movies)
Notre-Dame de Paris details in the front
gargoyle watching over Paris
a beautiful gate by La Seine
in the middle of walking up a huge hill
foggy Paris

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