new yorker from afar

The first time I ever went to New York City was… probably more than 10 years ago, so I don’t remember when it was. However, since then, I’ve been going to new york at least 4 times a year (living a close bus ride away makes it very convenient).


I love going to the city for day trips because honestly, NYC isn’t really for me long term wise. I mostly go for food and shopping & visiting people who live in the city~


Some food places in New York:

  1. Korilla BBQ: if you love chipotle and/or korean bbq, this is perfect. It’s a chipotle style place but instead of the normal ingredients, you can get different types of korean meat (or tofu), seasoned kimchi rice, and korean style vegetable toppings.
    Image result for korilla bbq new york logo
  2. Freemans: This place is great for food and photos. Tucked away in an alley (it sounds more sketchy than it is). The picture of the place is down below~ The hot artichoke dip is delicious as a starter, it’s my favourite!
  3. Boba Guys: This is more for a drink and a chat. I’m always searching for great boba places that have grass jelly because it’s my favourite topping in bubble tea PLUS this place is well known for their high quality boba.
    Image result for boba guys
  4. KyoChon: If you like delicious wings, this is the place. It is Korean style wings, which means it’s sweeter and slightly more gourmet than the typical American wings. Also, the inside is set up nice and hip-looking.
    (their main site is currently under construction but you can just google it to find the address and their menu!)
  5. Chalk Point Kitchen: This place is super cute and has home-like old fashioned decor inside. My favourite items are the brussel sprouts and the aged goat cheese. This place would be super cute for date night (with a significant other or a friend). Again, I have a picture of the inside below~

Those are the top 5 places I recommend for now, there’s definitely more but if I were to list all the places I love, the list would be too long.
AOTD: Grab your best friend and have a friend-date night every once in awhile at a nice place! Who says dates are only for significant others?



Chalk Point Kitchen





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