the maine attraction

Bah-haba — or as it’s actually spelled, Bar Harbor. All I have to say is, I fell in love. Bar Harbor is in Maine, and it is beautiful, as you will see from the pictures (although the pictures don’t do it justice).


I took a road trip with my parents last year in August to Maine. I don’t think we’ve ever been to Maine (or if we have, I was really young so I don’t remember) I knew even before this trip that we were going to a place by the water but I wasn’t expecting it to be this lovely. I definitely want to go back real soon since it’s on the east coast!


On the way back from Bar Harbor, we also stopped by Portland, Maine because my dad loves lighthouses (weird love I know) and he heard about the one in Portland.



AOTD: Parents get on your nerves, no matter how old you are; however, you should go on a nice relaxing trip with them every once in a while. It’s a nice time to relax as a family~ I say parents because I’m an only child but I guess your siblings too

seriously, how can you not find this breath-taking – if you walked a little past where you see my standing, you could see the fog over the water down below











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