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I love finding new music and rediscovering old music. If you’re going on a trip soon and are looking for new music to add to your playlist, I have 4 artists for you!



I find a lot of new music through my “hipster” friends, youtubers, and spotify. I say hipster in quotes because I don’t know if they consider themselves hipster or not.

Imagine driving down an empty road at night with the windows down; and you’re singing along and just enjoying the moment. Those songs, the ones playing in your car, are the ones I mostly gravitate towards.


I also do listen to other random music. It’s very eclectic.

SOME of my favourite genres are reggae/ska, acoustic pop, folk/indie, R&B, rap, classical, jazz….

and as you can tell from that list, the one genre not up there is country. Trust me, I’ve tried listening to country music, and tried, and tried but it could never not make me cringe. I would say sorry for those you like country music, but I know there are people out there who hate rap, or reggae, or jazz, etc… and I’m not too offended, even though all I can say to that is: you’re wrong. jk. (sort of). Someone has to like each genre of music, that’s all I gotta say.


I’m gonna share my current favourite artists along with a couple songs by them that I love especially. However, it does not mean I ONLY like those songs, but if I had to share every single song I am loving, that would take days. Also, I will try my best to describe each song but every song reminds different people of different things.


AOTD: After listening to these songs, try and find a new artist or band to listen to maybe even a new genre of music you don’t typically listen to!


1. Lewis Del Mar

They are described as “experimental pop” online but I would describe them as groove chill pop music. (Warning: most of their songs are explicit.)

  • Painting (Masterpiece) is probably my favourite song by them. Honestly, this is perfect for playing out loud in your room while staring at the ceiling fan and clearing your mind. Or when you’re just in a mood. Or really whenever!
  • Loud(y) is a very close second. This one is the kind you play loud(ly) (see what I did there) while driving down an empty highway with the windows down. Again, you can’t help but tap your foot or move to the beat of this song.



2. Noname

Her actual name is Fatimah Warner. She’s described as “hip-hop rap artist” online. The rapping part is more like a slam poetry time of vibe, rather than your typical Drake kind of rap. I’m so happy I found her because this isn’t the typical music I listen to but I have become obsessed.

  • Bye Bye Baby this is the song that I first heard by her. All of her songs just make you feel so… soulful. It’s a happy tune with not a happy message. You can’t help but actually listening to her lyrics. Highly recommend, especially this song!
  • Sunny Duet ft. The Mind. This song is a little more upbeat than Bye Bye Baby. Both of these songs, I imagine myself sitting on the porch when it’s raining. Watching the rain fall while this song is playing in the background.



3. Chance The Rapper

I think a good amount of people know him by now, but I don’t think he’s as well known as he should be. You should also watch him perform, he has such a happy vibe and I love it. Online, he’s described as a hip-hop rap artist. I guess I should continue looking for more in this genre now since Chance and Noname are both in that genre and I am really digging all their music.

  • Blessings I linked the version he performs on Jimmy Fallon. It’s a very slam poetry vibe and I love it. The slam poetry vibe makes you feel everything he feels and it’s amazing.
  • Finish Line/ Down I imagine this song playing in the kitchen while cooking or baking with friends. Or really anywhere because I’m obsessed with this song~




Online, NVDES is described as “alternative indie” and I would say that hits the nail on the head.

  • The Other Side This song reminds me of what people would dance to maybe in the early 90’s, from what I’ve seen in movies. It’s a fun song, that’s how I would describe it.
  • 8 am I think NVDES songs are good for parties. The party that’s in between a huge college rager and a small wine and cheese party.



I hope at least one of these artists are new to you — if you have recommendations let me know!

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