life by the water

My dream is to have a house by the water; that sounds more than amazing to me.



Since I probably won’t be making a post for about a week, I thought I’d make two (my first one was about positivity and quotes I love).

One of my favourite things is being by the water, whether the water is an ocean, a bay, a river, or a lake. There’s something about the flow of the waters that is mesmerizing and I can stare into the deep waters for forever.


Of course I have taken photos when I go somewhere by the sea or lake or river. These are not all but I didn’t want to have a post with 30 pictures of just purely water, since I know not everyone is in love with the ocean as I am.

If you have recommendations for more places by the water, please let me know and I will make it my mission to go visit!



AOTD: If you find yourself by a body of water, just sit down and listen to the waves and clear your mind. It’s very soothing~


Pittsburgh, PA


Busan, South Korea


Erie, PA


Chicago, IL


Outer Banks, NC


Paris, France


Long Beach, NY


Portland, ME (not Oregon)


Savannah, Georgia


Atlantic City, NJ

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