steps around the world

Taking STEPS around the world.. featuring my friends around the world.




In our early 20’s my friends and I are living in other countries for school . I wanted to ask them for some quick words about the cities they live in; not something super deep and long but their initial thoughts when they hear the name of their cities.


The first city is Seoul, South Korea (which happens to be my very first post on my blog!) My friend described it as

busy. crowded. energetic. nightlife.


I definitely agree that the nightlife is big and the energy levels are pretty high usually. I also want to add that there are beautiful mountains and nature trails everywhere and I love that.


The second city is London, United Kingdom. And my friend described it as

city of opportunity and creativity. there is so much to learn from every person and everyone’s experiences. There are never two days the same.


I have only been to London once and because it was only for a couple days, my perspective is definitely different than those of my friend, who actually lives there. I thought the city was bright, even in the rain there was a sort of brightness as I walked around. Now I wanna go back and stay for longer.


The third city is Montréal, Québec. The words my friend used were

unique. lively. cold. a little strange.


Unique, lively, a little strange all describe my friend really well actually. I love Montréal. I went and visited the place about 6 years ago but it’s one of those places I will remember forever and will most definitely go back and visit. At first glance, in a car, it looks like any other busy city; however, taking the time to walk around and interact is a different story. It might just be my slight obsession with the French culture but it seems like a different world even though it’s only one country away from the United States.


The final two cities are in the United States. I asked a friend who lives in Los Angeles, California and he described the city as

busy and active but slow. full but empty. warm.


Clearly he likes to be more poetic in a sense. I think LA is a little hyped up. I don’t not like the city but there are many many many cities that I love much better. I do enjoy the warmth (for visiting) and the fact that warmth and sunshine tends to make people a little bit happier. However, for living purposes, I’m the type of person who loves having all 4 seasons and having the range of weathers. the change.


And of course, I will end with Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. This is the city I have been in recently and I have gotten to know this city very well. I would describe it as

a quiet city with hidden treasures. strong and constantly growing. and rain. lots and lots of rain.


For a city, Pittsburgh is very quiet. Most places close very early, and the fun nightlife parts are not in the downtown area like other cities. There are a lot of quirky museums and art all over the large city and many unique food places to try. You just have to do the work to look and research online. Or ask a person who lives in Pittsburgh, like me!



When I was asking each friend to send in a picture of themselves, I didn’t realize that the shoes would fit so perfectly into the descriptions they gave. I love how that worked out~



AOTD: If you want to travel somewhere new, try and do research outside of the typical “things to do in ___” pages. Look for bloggers or friends who live in those places and ask for hidden places to see and eat!


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