nola dreams

NOLA. N’awleans. N’orleans. I have referred New Orleans as all of those while visiting.



Ever since freshmen year of high school, I have always wanted to go to New Orleans. It initially caught my attention because of Mardi Gras, yes I know very original but I took french for all four years of high school (or three out of the four I don’t remember) and every year we celebrated Mardi Gras in class (the PG version). However since I went from high school to college, I never had time to go during Fat Tuesday (which is what “Mardi Gras” means in French by the way!) I decided to go with one of my closest friends during our winter break January 2016.

We stayed at a hotel right on Bourbon Street so that we didn’t have to take transportation anywhere. Our plan was to simply have fun and eat delicious cajun food. And we did exactly that.

It was very interesting how we could get a drink to go from anywhere and have an alcoholic beverage in hand while just walking about in public. That concept was surprising to me but I loved it. Surprisingly, I don’t have many pictures of actual Bourbon Street since those were taken on my cellphone and were mostly bad quality since they were taken during nighttime. Here’s my little view of NOLA!


AOTD: Always try to look up places to stay for trips on multiple sites (this may seem kind of obvious but different sites show different places)

one of the “musts” if you’re in NOLA
Armstrong park on a beautiful day!
the slight overcast made for a great photo
there are a lot of above ground tombs
a college campus by Armstrong park
definitely one of my favourite places



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