True Love

Chef Jen. That is definitely a name I don’t mind going by.



When I say true love, I’m talking about food. I guess that isn’t always what people think of initially when they hear “true love” but I don’t think there’s any other feeling than really delicious food. (I guess actual lovey dovey love is great too)

Being in university, there’s a stereotype that college kids don’t eat well. I’m not saying that’s not true, because honestly, I do eat pretty unhealthy probably 70% of the time. HOWEVER, there are times when healthy, mouth watering meals are made.

I wanted to share some pictures of past meals we have made to make you drool at how good the pictures look. And yes, the food was even better than how it looked!

AOTD: Always remember to take care of yourself, whether that is going on walks every now and then for exercise and to clear your mind, or having a home cooked meal with people who make you happy!


beef noodle soup
vegetarian pizza on baguette
risotto with meatballs
steamed sweet pork buns

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